That’s Right, El Gamma Penumbra Has Been and Is A Big Success, Over and Over Again


El Gamma Penumbra Image1El Gamma Penumbra has a very long history of spectacular performances and everything you need to know about these boys are contained within the pages of this website.  Just look around and quickly become amazed and astounded when you watch each and every performance.

If you care to be moved emotionally, this is the place to be, and if you want fun and laughter as well, you’ll also find it here where El Gamma Penumbra has created works of art with nothing more than a few props and their body to form an unstoppable team of artistically and emotionally sound performances all for your viewing pleasure.

This is what they are all about and they continue rewarding everyone with one artistically major creative performance after the other.  So, just sit back and enjoy this very rare and amazing opportunity.

El Gamma Penumbra